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Team Building Activities
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For groups of 10 or more who want to improve their team working abilities and have fun in the process. You can have a tailor made package of fun activities which challenge your powers of logic and physical capabilities in a competitive environment.

The team challenge would involve a series of tasks, examples are:

Cone collection: This would involve the teams having to climb a 30 foot tree to collect cones for re-generation. The team can only collect one cone per ascent and will receive bonus points for each individual member they send up the tree. The other members of the team will pull the cone collector up on a roped pulley system. (one of my staff will also have them connected to a safety rope.

Spiders web:
The team are to get through a rope net (web) without touching it. Once a team member has passed through one hole, that hole is closed to the rest of the team. This is a timed event.

Chicken, Farmer, Fox and Grain: The team are to get the 4 mentioned items across a small river in a raft. They can only take one item and the farmer at a time but cannot leave certain items together on the bank at any time i.e. the fox and the chicken. This is also a timed event.

ABC: The teams are to find an item beginning with each letter of the alphabet and return to centre. This again is timed and the more items they have, the more points they will receive.

There are many other tasks to choose from, so you can challenge yourself by doing something different. You can combine these team building tasks with an activity like rafting or canyoning to add variety to your outing.

Activity Outline:

On arrival you will be given an activity briefing and be introduced to your friendly instructor. Then let the games begin.
We will provide:
Safety Equipment
Wetsuit + Jacket (if required)
What to bring:
Old Trainers or Walking Boots (they will get wet)
T shirt and Shorts or Swim Costume
Change of Clothes
Sense of Humour


1 Day £110 per person
Half Day £60 per person

2 Day Sessions also avaliable

We recommend you do not bring valuables such as jewellery, travelers cheques, passports etc. No responsibility is accepted for customers belongings.


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